Rig of the Day

Can you remember "Rig of the Day" on daily orders?


Dear Shipmates,
Let me introduce you to a series of figures featuring Jack in all his working garb, each hand crafted and hand painted to show every detail.

The series now consists of around thirty figures (See list below). Each figure can be individualized with branch badge of your choice and at four inches tall I am sure you will find them an attractive reminder of your time in the service. Photographs of the new additions will be added as and when they become available. For further details please contact:

Tom Farness,

29 Howl Road,



PO13 8GS.

TEL: 023 925 29035

The Figures available include:




1) Full No1's with gold badges (standing).



2) Full No1's with gold badges (striding out).



3) No8's working rig with pot of paint.

This figure is also available as "Rum Bosun" with Rum fanny.



4) Submariners/ Sweepers/ Survey working rig.



5) Tokers Working rig (boiler suit).

List of figures NOW AVAILABLE



Striding Out. No.1's Blue Suit, Fore and Aft rig.
Striding Out. No.6's White Tropical Rig.
Standing. No.1's Blue Suit, Fore and Aft rig.
Standing. No.6's White Tropical Rig
No.10's. White Front, Shorts and Stockings.
Watchkeeper/QM. Watchcoat, Bellbottoms, White Cap.
Paint ship. No.8's, White Cap, with Paint pot.
Rum Bosun. No.8's, White Cap, with Rum Fanny.
Action Stations. Boiler Suit, Anti Flash, Steel Helmet.
Ship's Cook. "T" shirt, Blue Checks, apron and tattoos.
C.B.M. (Buffer) PO or CPO. No.8's with rigging set.
S/mariner/Sweeper/Survey Rig. White Jersey, No.8 trousers White Cap.

Modern Day Working Rig. Blue Jersey, Trousers, Blue Beret.
Modern Day (Female) Blue Jersey, Trousers, Blue Beret.
Modern Day (Female) Blue Suit, Fore and Aft Rig.
Modern Day (Female) White Tropical Rig

Officer/Senior Rates. Square Rig, Collar and Tie, White Cap.



Old Style. Blue Skirt and Jacket, Collar and Tie, White Cap.
Officer/Senior Rate. As above with Tricorn Hat.



Blue's. Blue Uniform, White Belt, White Peaked Cap Red Band.
Green Beret. Khaki Jersey and Trousers, Beret, Boots
Desert Bootie. Desert Camouflage (Iraq),Beret, Boots
Modern Day. DPM's with Green Beret
Bad Lads Army. 1950's style Battledress, Boots and Gaiters



Dress Uniform. Peaked Cap, Khaki Uniform, Tie, White Belt.
Modern Day. DPM's with Beret (Choice of colour).
Battle Dress. 1950's style, Boots and Gaiters



Dress Uniform. Peakes Cap, Boots, White Belt.
Working Dress. Jersey, Beret, Blue grey trousers, Boots