The Hambone Trophy

           In May 2004 Commander John Mackay RN MBE presented a small brass sextant to the Association to be displayed on the chairmans table at SSA functions or for whatever other use we deemed fit. It was decided to make it into a trophy to be presented to the pupil achieving the best marks for the academic year on the Able Seaman (HM) course at FOST(HM) HMS Drake.

           The sextant was fitted onto a plinth with suitably engraved brass plates attached to it by Ray Cox ex Shipwright and member of the Association.

           The "Hambone Trophy" is now held on permanent display in a case (which is also fitted with a larger brass plaque) at FOST(HM) HMS Drake.


            Sadly Commander Mackay had passed away before the first recipient had received the trophy and it is now awarded by the Association in memory of him.


Recipients of the "Hambone Trophy 


2004 - 2005             OM (HM)1 R. Faulkner. 

2005 - 2006             OM (HM)2 E.N.F. Down       (Edward)

2006 - 2007              AB (HM)1 H.E. O'Connell    (Heather

2007 - 2008              AB (HM)1 S. Burns              (Sarah)

2008 - 2009              AB (HM)1 M. Drew               (Michael)

2009 - 2010              AB (HM)2 E. Gordon            (Emily)

2010 - 2011              AB (HM)2 S. Owen               (Sally)

2011 - 2012              AB (HM)2 J. Wells                (John)

2012 - 2013              AB (HM)2 H. Snelling           (Holli)

2013 - 2014              AB (HM)2 B. Hardie              (Ben)

2014 - 2015              AB (HM)2 S. Collins              (Sam)      }Joint top of  course

2014 - 2015              AB (HM)2 B. Alker                 (Belinda) } Joint top of course

2015 - 2016              AB (HM)2 J. Carter                (Joseph)

2016 - 2017              AB (HM)2 B. Stoddard           (Ben)

2017 - 2018              AB (HM)2 E. Peacock            (Elliot)

2018 - 2019              AB (HM)   E. Dixon                 (Emily)

2019 - 2020              AB (HM)H P. Barton                (Paul)

2020 - 2021              AB (HM)H J. Kime                   (Josh)

2021 - 2022              AB (HM)    E. Sprott                 (Ewan)  }Joint top of course

2021 - 2022              AB (HM)    S. Simon                (Stuart)  }Joint top of course