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BZ George brilliant improved website very easy to navigate and lots of memories included.
Map of past reunions is excellent (even shows areas we havnt got close to get !!)
ZFD. BZ George, site looks and is great. Very simple to get around. All the hard work has paid off handsomely
BZ George. New website is excellent and so very easy to use. All the hard work has proved very much worth it
Greatly improved website - BZ. Just noticed that Picture #32 in the gallery shown as Bulldog is actually Fawn (Look at the name board outside the charthouse and also on the stern - there are only 4 characters.) Do you need any pictures?
Site looks great, George, and nice and easy to use. Please would you contact me for an updated (and much better) screenshot of the embroidered logo. Thank you!
Great new look for the website, George.
BZ George. Hopefully the members (and prospective members) will use this Guestbook to comment and communicate.
Congratulations George I am very impressed with the layout and content of the new website I found it easy to navigate using the side menu, on my desktop, tablet and windowsphone I'm sure there will be some "minor" details that are either out of date or incorrect but no matter, as editing the detail is now quick, straightforward and "instant" as you have proved today. Most pleasing is that you have come up with a good easy to use website before our 2018 AGM. Terry: posted 3/08/2017