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Ex CPOWEA(WD). Served aboard Endurance 86 to 89.
Shout out yo all I served with. Fond memories of 2 patrols to Antarctica.
Allan Jones.
I have a couple of photographs of Bernie Scrivens. If you post an email address I’ll send the to you.
Does anyone have a photo of Ron ( Bernie ) I admin the retired Dartmoor prison staff facebook page and would love to feature Ron with a photo. ?
On 6th June 2018 JP asked why HMS Queen Elizabeth was being referred to as the QE2 - I guess as a protest that the ship is not named HMS Queen Elizabeth the Second. After all HMS King George the 5th was named HMS King George V - so why is our new carrier NOT called HMS Queen Elizabeth !!??!! If the MOD does send her on some hair brained sabre rattling exercise to the South China Sea on some dick-measuring jingoistic potential disaster n(the Chinese have said they will treat any UK fleet as hostile and will take action accordingly) - so as I was saying, we may lose a carrier if the Chinese sink her - which they will undolubtedly try and do - and can now!
And JP, thank you for being such a good model officer - professional, capable, friendly and firm and everyone had confidence when you were around. Guess that is why they let you drive Bulldog which you apparently did very well. I have been diagnosed with Autism on the aspergers scale - so maybe that will account for a lot...Thanks again - Nigel 'Gofes' Godfrey
I recently sent a request for info on DAMPIER. It is possible it didn’t get through so I shall repeat it. Basically I was on DAMPIERS camp party in SEMPORNA in 1967. I wondered if anyone had photos of it plus any details, also info on the trip back to SINGERS onboard a passenger/ cargo ship with all the camp gear including both survey boats. Any help will be much appreciated.
With the onset of age (75) and getting nostalgic ( and forgetful), I wondered if anyone in your group has any photos of DAMPIERS camp survey party at SEMPORNA in 1967, also any images of the trip back to SINGERS on the passenger/ cargo ship that we had to use to get back. I would be grateful for any help with this.
It is with great sadness I am letting you know that ex-Surveyor Nick Sitser passed away at home in Houston, Texas, after finally losing his long fight with Cancer. I was aware that Nick worked at Racal and Fugro, and he was recently (2016-17) my Survey man in Houston for EMAS and SS7. To those that worked with and knew Nick, I will be getting his home address for those who wish to send Cards - you can Message me on FB for the address.
My brother Dennis Lockyer served aboard HMS Dalrymple early fifties, I would like a decent resolution colour phootograph of the ship to put on my web page dedicated to Dennis, who unfortunately crossed the bar 1st August 2000 aged 64, after fighting a brain tumour.
I was attached to the East Coast of England Survey Unit in 1963 as the ship's support Jack Dusty. I would love to attend a reunion, but I live in Ocala Florida and our travelling is restricted to cruising out of local ports Tampa and Port Canaveral.
Stay safe and be well Shipmates.
Keep up the good work
Had a great chat with Alan Sutherland this afternoon, Christmas Eve, despite a number of health issues he is still as sharp as ever. He spoke fondly about past reunions, ships and many other things. It is not easy for him to travel now, hence his absence from recent reunions. He loved, his "Survey time".
A one off!!!! Terry
I am not a former rating associated with survey ships, I was a submariner. However for over 40 years have been researching the histories of Admiralty Motor Boats. For a number of years was part of the naval sub committee of the World Ship Society alongside Rear Admiral Morris.
Currently researching the history of the 31ft MSB 7714 that was attached to HMS HECATE and went south after the Falklands. She had the 7715 on board aswell. On return to the UK did the Hecate leave the two boats behind in the Falklands for survey work. It is mentioned they were attached to ENTERPRISE. 7714 still exists under private ownership at Ripon. Can any member help me with this boat's history or any other boat that has served on board the survey fleet. I have records going back to 1935 but there are gaps. This research is for historical reasons and not for a profit or publication. Thank you, Tony
I am coming down for the reunion in Chester this year from Wester Ross. Travelling down on Friday 25th, returning north on Monday 28th. If anyone is on the A9, M74, M6 corridor and would like a lift, please let me know.


I used to work with Decca HiFiX in the 60's and have many fond memories of Echo Enterprise and Egeria.
Also Protector and later Fox and Fawn Hydra and Hecate.
The Navy jobs were always the best! Oh for a can of babies heads!!
Glad I found this website.
The Weddell Sea Expedition

Does anyone else wish we could have had the Internet when we worked offshore way back when - would have been brilliant knowing what everyone else may have been up to...which now makes me ask if it would be possible to ask our SSA members if they have any stories they would like to tell - on this website maybe? Make it a more member active site? Of course, clean stories that is? :)
Can anyone tell me whatever happened to ex-Captain, HMS Woodlark, Lieutenant-Commander B.E.T. Humphrey? I believe that he ended up in the Hydrographic Department...
The survey motor launches of the mid 1950's seem to have been written out of all records that I can find. Any ideas. I am talking about SML's 316, 322, 324 325 and 326 on which I served for 18 months. Mick ''Lofty'' Wasley
Ref John Partington's comment about why the Gleaner's CO is referring to HMS Queen Elizabeth as QE2. It was a transcript from the HoN/President of the SSA's report to the Association and is just a typo that seems to have been missed by everyone but John. It was not the Gleaner's CO. Well spotted John. Sorry about that.
Joe - Secretary SSA
OK you Survey bods - I have moved back to UK from Houston, Texas, last August - spent 17 years overseas, so never made it to the re-unions, just saw this website (digitally challenged oldie!) - this year I will be at the re-union with my wife Cathie who paid you lot (her "wee Survey Ships in Drake")...
December 2017 Newsletter - Page 14 - Why is Gleaner's CO referring to HMS Queen Elizabeth as "QE2"?
Came across the site today while on net, Good to see some names of people I served with.
Wish all of you a very happy xmas and a merry new year.
Wheely Barrow HMS Fawn 1976 - 1979 CEM
Nice to reflect that such organisations exist .. Served on HMS Owen in the 60's .many "sea stories" to tell on that draft,, Best wishes to all.. Ray H ( Lm (e). p/k 974616
BZ George brilliant improved website very easy to navigate and lots of memories included.
Map of past reunions is excellent (even shows areas we havnt got close to get !!)
ZFD. BZ George, site looks and is great. Very simple to get around. All the hard work has paid off handsomely
BZ George. New website is excellent and so very easy to use. All the hard work has proved very much worth it
Greatly improved website - BZ. Just noticed that Picture #32 in the gallery shown as Bulldog is actually Fawn (Look at the name board outside the charthouse and also on the stern - there are only 4 characters.) Do you need any pictures?
Site looks great, George, and nice and easy to use.
Please would you contact me for an updated (and much better) screenshot of the embroidered logo. Thank you!
Great new look for the website, George.
BZ George. Hopefully the members (and prospective members) will use this Guestbook to comment and communicate.
Congratulations George
I am very impressed with the layout and content of the new website
I found it easy to navigate using the side menu, on my desktop, tablet and windowsphone
I'm sure there will be some "minor" details that are either out of date or incorrect but no matter, as editing the detail is now quick, straightforward and "instant" as you have proved today.
Most pleasing is that you have come up with a good easy to use website before our 2018 AGM.
Terry: posted 3/08/2017