The Survey Ships Association is now in its twenty seventh year (The first two years as the "H"Boat Association) and boasts a membership of over one hundred and fifty.


The Object of the Association is to perpetuate the "Esprit de Corps" and comradeship amongst past and present Ships Companies of all Royal Navy Survey Ships.

Membership - Grades and eligibility

Full Membership:

       Eligibility for full membership is automatic for  all serving and retired, past and present Ship's Company of any Royal Navy Survey Ships. This includes NAAFI Staff and locally entered personnel. Full members shall pay fees and be entitled to all priveleges of membership including voting rights.

Associate Membership:

       Open to any person who has served on any Royal Navy Survey Ship; when in a support role, but not a member of the ship's company, and shall pay annual fees.

     Associate Memberships is also available to the immediate family of paid up members and members who have died, They will not be required to pay annual fees and shall be entitled to all priveleges of full membership.

Honorary Membership:

       Open to any person who was repatriated to the UK via Montevideo on HM Ships Hecla, Hydra or Herald during the Falklands conflict of 1982. Honorary members shall pay no fees and shall be entitled to all priveleges of membership except voting rights.

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For further details send a SAE or contact:-

Membership Sectretary

 Albert Miles (Bert)

12 Pilgrim Road



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01205 357455

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