A Reunion weekend is held every year during the last weekend in October at a venue decided by the membership. Friday night takes the form of an informal get together and Saturday, free to roam. The A.G.M. is held Saturday evening followed by a brief muster in the bar prior to dinner. On completion of the dinner the raffle is held, proceeds of which go to a local charity, before retiring to the bar to finish with a social evening. On Sunday morning a service is held, at the hotel if possible, usually conducted by the Association Padre, Reverend Richard Buckley RN.


There are occasions when other activities are organised for those interested ie. In Liverpool a visit was arranged to the Western Approaches Museum, In Chatham a visit to the Historic Naval Dockyard and at Taunton, a visit to the Hydrographic department on Friday afternoon was enjoyed by many as was a skittles match and buffet on Sunday afternoon. At the 2004 Re-union a visit to the Tank Museum at Bovington was arranged for those interested. And in 2007 a visit to the National Memorial Arboretum was arranged.